When in doubt just make it red!

Her name: Liz Kramsky

Her city: Las Vegas

Her gig: Chandelier Bar at The Cosmopolitan

Her trade: Bartender

IndiCard: Where'd you get your start in the industry?

Liz Kramsky: I started as a barback at a restaurant in NYC, cutting fruit and hauling buckets of ice up from the basement. The barback had to handle the service well there...I completely winged it. I remember making a cosmo with pineapple juice and convincing people that was our "house recipe." If I didn't know how to make a shot the bartenders there would tell me "when in doubt just make it red." I learned a lot there!

IC: You work in a popular hotel bar so there has to be plenty of good stories. Share one with us?

LK: I’ve definitely seen my fair share of interesting things at the bar! I think my favorite was when the sexy sax man came in shirtless on Valentine's Day a few years ago and serenaded one of our cocktail servers. Never a dull moment! I also love watching guys try to hit on girls. It's always the most awkward thing ever as a bartender to constantly watch men try to make conversation with girls who aren't interested. You definitely learn a lot about human nature as a bartender.

IC: When you have a night off or you're thirsty after a shift, where are you headed?

LK: After work everyone usually goes to Tommy Rocker's or if I'm drinking closer to home I'll go to Sporting Life on Jones, they have the best wings.  On my nights off I love Jjanga Sushi for all you can eat and also Public House in downtown Summerlin.

IC: Lake Mead or Lee Canyon?

LK: Lee Canyon. Season pass!

IC: What's the must have drink made by Miss Liz?

LK: My bar is known for its unique specialty cocktails so I love showing them to friends and introducing them to new flavors and ingredients. I don’t have a personal favorite drink to make, I love all drinks equally so I usually try to find out what people's likes and dislikes are before making them something special. I do hate making margaritas for some reason though, even though i love drinking them!

Sarah "Would you like some tequila?" Doty

Her city: Chicago

Her gig: Parliament

Her trade: Bartender

IndiCard: How'd you get in the game?

Sarah Doty: I've been in the "game" for as long as I can remember. Started off working as a shot girl in college so I could have extra money for shoes and I was hooked from then on.

IC: Favorite local hangout?

SD: I love the patio at Bangers & Lace in Wicker Park. Gives me the best seat in town to watch all the hot hipster boys ride by on their bikes (*fixies).

IC:  Tell us a good work story from Parliament.

SD: One time a girl leaned over the bar to make a drunken order and her hair lit on fire from a candle. Haha! That's what you get!

IC: Who's your favorite co-worker?

SD: I bartend with mostly guys every night. So I don't know if I have been dubbed part of the wolf-pack or as a mother, but either way it's pretty special :) And I love working with them all.

IC: Best pick up line?

SD: Would you like some tequila?



Future DILF: Cory Welch

His city: Las Vegas

His gig: Park on Fremont

His trade: Bartender


IndiCard: How'd you get in the game?

Cory Welch: I started in construction but hated working in 115 degree heat and wanted to make some real money. I scored a job bar backing at The Palms for two years and then lied about my bartending experience so I could score the gig at Park. It worked!

IC: Favorite local hangout?

CW: The Griffin I drink Jamo or Joseph James Citra Rye. Sean always takes care of me (bromance?).

IC: Tell us a good work story from Park.

CW: We lit the building on fire on our grand opening. We lit candles on the back of the mantle to set the mood and it caught the wall on fire. Stopped it quick, so no fire trucks were called.

IC: Who's your favorite co-worker?

CW: Dani. She's tiny and we can easily share a well. Plus the guys love her and always tip her more than me.

IC: Best pick-up line?


Girl - "Are you a Dilf?"

Me - "No, I'm only 27.”

Girl - "Hmm, I just envisioned myself calling you daddy later."

Needless to say, I bought her a beer.


Vegas All-Star: Courtney Minton

Courtney Minton - Bartender @ Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar

IndiCard: How'd you get into the bartending world?

Courtney Minton: After I graduated from the University of Arizona (go Wildcats!) I moved to Vegas and had originally planned to pursue a career in marketing. I started bartending while I worked on figuring out my next move and have been doing it ever since.

IC: What's your favorite local hangout?

CM: Distill in Summerlin. I usually have a Gin and Tonic waiting for me before I even make it to the bar--thanks Rick!

IC:  Drink of choice?

CM: Gin and Tonic, unless I'm feeling flirty. Then it's an espresso martini. It has a little extra of all my favorite things: liquor, Baileys and caffeine!

IC: What's your pet peeve behind the bar?

CM: When people yell at me across the bar like it's their last drink on Earth and I drop what I'm doing to come to their rescue, just so they can leisurely turn around and ask their group of ten what they want to drink. Ya. I'll be back in 30.

IC: Tell us about your wildest night in Vegas.

CM: The club I used to work in had theme parties once a month. On one in particular we dressed as circus animals (think Playboy Halloween party). Nevertheless, we decided to go club hopping and I had a little too much to drink...and woke up in the hospital, fuzzy ears and all! Not my finest moment.

IC: Best pick up line?

CM: If you absolutely must use one on some poor girl, the crazier the better. I once heard a guy say to someone "you smell like trash, can I take you out?" I laughed so hard I bought them both a drink.


Indi Extraordinaire :: Kristen Lindbeck

Kristen Lindbeck - Infinite Monkey Theorem

What is your role at IMT?
 Tour guide, bartender, canner of wine and juice master post IMT yoga

How long have you been there?
 10 months

Favorite part?
 It's a toss up between the staff and the peach Bellini in slushie form...the peach Bellini is delish but the staff is one of a kind; a bunch of sweet, loving, humorous and gregarious humans:)

5.Funniest customer story
 I'm no wine snob, I can promise, but it's rosé NOT rose! How hard is it for people to recognize something that has an accent, has been around for ages and doesn't taste of roses?!? That said, I've never pointed that out to a customer who said it incorrectly cause it's sort of cute.

6.What do you think about working for tips?
 Sometimes tips are great and sometimes not so great. It usually balances out in the end. How do I bring in the money?? Lots of lipstick and oversized blazers with enormous shoulder pads. The added height to my already tall stature is intimidating, I think??

7.Fav part of being a part of the industry?
 Free shots, duh!

8.Where can we find you on a monday night - our favorite night out in the industry? Meadowlark Jazz is a good guess. There or in the comfort of my home drinking amaro and trying to convene my boyfriend that Nicholas Cage is the best. Well!...he is!!!