Vegas All-Star: Courtney Minton

Courtney Minton - Bartender @ Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar

IndiCard: How'd you get into the bartending world?

Courtney Minton: After I graduated from the University of Arizona (go Wildcats!) I moved to Vegas and had originally planned to pursue a career in marketing. I started bartending while I worked on figuring out my next move and have been doing it ever since.

IC: What's your favorite local hangout?

CM: Distill in Summerlin. I usually have a Gin and Tonic waiting for me before I even make it to the bar--thanks Rick!

IC:  Drink of choice?

CM: Gin and Tonic, unless I'm feeling flirty. Then it's an espresso martini. It has a little extra of all my favorite things: liquor, Baileys and caffeine!

IC: What's your pet peeve behind the bar?

CM: When people yell at me across the bar like it's their last drink on Earth and I drop what I'm doing to come to their rescue, just so they can leisurely turn around and ask their group of ten what they want to drink. Ya. I'll be back in 30.

IC: Tell us about your wildest night in Vegas.

CM: The club I used to work in had theme parties once a month. On one in particular we dressed as circus animals (think Playboy Halloween party). Nevertheless, we decided to go club hopping and I had a little too much to drink...and woke up in the hospital, fuzzy ears and all! Not my finest moment.

IC: Best pick up line?

CM: If you absolutely must use one on some poor girl, the crazier the better. I once heard a guy say to someone "you smell like trash, can I take you out?" I laughed so hard I bought them both a drink.