Indi Extraordinaire :: Kristen Lindbeck

Kristen Lindbeck - Infinite Monkey Theorem

What is your role at IMT?
 Tour guide, bartender, canner of wine and juice master post IMT yoga

How long have you been there?
 10 months

Favorite part?
 It's a toss up between the staff and the peach Bellini in slushie form...the peach Bellini is delish but the staff is one of a kind; a bunch of sweet, loving, humorous and gregarious humans:)

5.Funniest customer story
 I'm no wine snob, I can promise, but it's rosé NOT rose! How hard is it for people to recognize something that has an accent, has been around for ages and doesn't taste of roses?!? That said, I've never pointed that out to a customer who said it incorrectly cause it's sort of cute.

6.What do you think about working for tips?
 Sometimes tips are great and sometimes not so great. It usually balances out in the end. How do I bring in the money?? Lots of lipstick and oversized blazers with enormous shoulder pads. The added height to my already tall stature is intimidating, I think??

7.Fav part of being a part of the industry?
 Free shots, duh!

8.Where can we find you on a monday night - our favorite night out in the industry? Meadowlark Jazz is a good guess. There or in the comfort of my home drinking amaro and trying to convene my boyfriend that Nicholas Cage is the best. Well!...he is!!!