Future DILF: Cory Welch

His city: Las Vegas

His gig: Park on Fremont

His trade: Bartender


IndiCard: How'd you get in the game?

Cory Welch: I started in construction but hated working in 115 degree heat and wanted to make some real money. I scored a job bar backing at The Palms for two years and then lied about my bartending experience so I could score the gig at Park. It worked!

IC: Favorite local hangout?

CW: The Griffin I drink Jamo or Joseph James Citra Rye. Sean always takes care of me (bromance?).

IC: Tell us a good work story from Park.

CW: We lit the building on fire on our grand opening. We lit candles on the back of the mantle to set the mood and it caught the wall on fire. Stopped it quick, so no fire trucks were called.

IC: Who's your favorite co-worker?

CW: Dani. She's tiny and we can easily share a well. Plus the guys love her and always tip her more than me.

IC: Best pick-up line?


Girl - "Are you a Dilf?"

Me - "No, I'm only 27.”

Girl - "Hmm, I just envisioned myself calling you daddy later."

Needless to say, I bought her a beer.