The rumors are true! We're expanding IndiCard to San Diego, one of the best service industry cities in the country. Our number one goal is to find the best bars, restaurants, spas, gyms, and any other establishments looking to host thousands of service industry folk! We thought you might be interested... Learn all about the IndiCard program below. 

What’s IndiCard? IndiCard is a membership program for service industry employees. If you join our network, you'll become an official IndiCard stop. Our subscribers (exclusive to Service Industry members) download our app, sign up, and get access to industry hook-ups at the top industry friendly businesses in the San Diego area. 

Who subscribes to IndiCard? Only service industry employees. Most of our members work at bars, restaurants, hotels and salons. We spend countless hours fact checking to make sure all IndiCard members are truly part of the service industry.

What kind of incentives can I offer? 20-30% off a tab/service is common, but you can customize your hook-up to your business. We're happy to work with you to come up with an offer.

How much does a partnership cost? Nothing! Becoming a partner and listing your business in the app is FREE. We do give our partners opportunities to pay for email blasts and social media campaigns which will be targeted at our members! 

All right I’m sold. How can I get my business involved? Fill in this form to get started!

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