If you're in the service industry, then you're someone who serves a customer, occasionally provides goods, receives tips, and does not produce a product. Basically, you may find yourself identifying with any of the occupations to the right.

Cheers to the master chefs. The dudes who brew that epic IPA. The guy whose canvas is none other than human flesh, and paintbrush is substituted for a needle. To the stylist who keeps those locks looking fresh. To the driver that delivers you home safely, and arrives on time. To the party people bringing the beats, the dancers, the entertainers, and the ones that keep it going all night long. And finally, thanks to you, whoever you are, for being you!


Restaurant Employees
Bar Staff
Bowling Alley Staff
Food Delivery
Uber/Limo Drivers
Tattoo Artists
Tour Operators
Sporting Event Staff
Promo Staff
Brand Ambassadors
Liquor/Beer Reps
Cruise Ship Workers
Golf Course Employees
Hospitality Workers
Salon/Spa Staff
Airline Employees